Campervan Air Suspension Install and Supply

We have options for a range of different Air suspension brands for different wants and needs.   VB Air Suspension providing the more OEM spec, comfortable ride and flexiblity,  and the more aftermarket SOLOW Air suspension aimed at those camper vans that want to be able to get Lowdown.

VB Air Suspension For Campervans

The VB Air Suspension Kit is a state-of-the-art suspension system. It uses air springs to provide a smooth and comfortable ride, even on rough terrain.

You want to be able to benefit not only from maximum ride comfort during your journey, but also the highest levels of safety, that’s why a house on wheels that handles perfectly is a must.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your existing suspension system or replace it entirely. VB Air Suspension has got you covered.

It’s designed to be easily installed on your vehicle’s existing chassis mounting points. This kit requires no welding, cutting, or drilling. Meaning you keep your vehicle warranty intact.

VB Air Suspension has the following benefits:

  • Improved comfort and handling Increased load-carrying capacity
  • Ability to handle different terrains
  • Adjustable ride height for loading and unloading
  • Self-levelling option for sleeping on uneven sites
  • Longer tyre life and reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased resale value With VB Air Suspension, you can choose from various ride height options to suit your needs.
VB Air suspension
VB Air suspension