VWBUS Magazine article VW Transporter Campervan T6

Thank you for VW Bus magazine for a fantastic 4 page editorial – now available.  Show your support for this fantastic magazine featuring our 2020 Showvan!

This Bronze Beauty features many hidden extras.  The photographer caught some great images of the Reimo Variotech Sliding Bed.  I wanted to showcase this today as the photos give you a really great feel for why this is one of our most popular beds.

The Horex fly screen has been one of 2020’s must haves.  Keep the air flowing through, enjoy the scenery and no pesky flies!


If you want the height of indulgence check out the Reimo Electric Pop Top – Top of the range and such a breeze…..

Kitchen elegance doesn’t come better than our sleek underslung sink, topped with our hand cut cover which doubles as a chopping board.

Also take a look at the sleek Thetford 902 Induction Hob – no gas in this beast!  Lithium LSP system with 300 watts of solar power and Diesel Heating.

Want one like it?

Check out the packages tab and build your own quote.  Then give us a call and we can discuss your individual needs.  Every van starts with a dream and ends in a camper fit for a king!

Check out that front – we love the ABT bodykits.  You cannot deny it ads the finishing touch to a very sleek camper.

We must also extend our sincere thanks to Burghley House for allowing us to use their grounds for our feature meaning we could get the majestic beauty of the house as a backdrop.


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